Natural Fiber / Waldorf Dolls

All Luletti dolls are made using finest quality natural materials, cotton fabric, thread and sheep wool. With the exception of the strong sewing thread I use natural and organic fibres, and fabrics. Each part of every doll I create, along with her clothing has been designed and made by me.   

The body is stitched from high quality cotton Swiss tricot which is sewn and filled with beautiful clean sheep wool.

I use a variety of techniques to create the heads and features of my dolls, all processes that are entirely done by hand. These vary from more traditional Waldorf techniques to being fully needle sculpted.

Hair is a brushed Mohair wig or other natural fibres worked into a cap.

Clothes are made from natural fibres and fabrics . . cotton for the dresses and wool and other natural yarns for the knitwear.

Available Dolls

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Prices ~ as of Dec 2017

Rosebuds £68
These little friends are approximately 7" tall with an embroidered cloth face and a simple wool fabric body. I sometimes use weighting in the limbs and body.

Rosehips £270
These dolls are around 13-14" tall and of the dolls I create are the most alike to their Waldorf inspired heritage. Made using traditional techniques they have full doll skin cloth bodies and are fully dressable / undress able. Their hair is brushed mohair and they sit easily and unaided. They have lightly sculpted details on the body including belly button, knee and elbow dimples and a lightly shaped posterior :)

Sculpted £320+ 
Sculpted dolls are around 13-15". They have fully dressable / undress able dollskin bodies along with the same body detailing as Rosehips. They have fully needle sculpted heads and features. The price of sculpted dolls varies depending on the time involved in making them and the cost of any special materials such as weft or fancy fibres for hair. 

Dolly knit patterns
Luletti Dolly Knit patterns are designed to fit Roships and Sculpted dolls. They will also fir dolls made with my teaching pattern that I use in Workshops.