Contemporarily ~ a Cosy Throw. (a free knitting Pattern by Luletti)

9 June 2020

I have a bit of a problem with starting knitting projects and undoing them half way (or even further) through . . . just incase there's a better purpose for the wool! 

Perfectionism is a tiresome task overseer!

Something I've been working on these past few years is to put things away and come back with new eyes before I default to unpicking. 
This is distinct to (and to be balanced with) starting many projects but not actually finishing them . . but that's perhaps a topic for another time.

One of my very favourite shawls spent a couple of years stuffed to the back of a shelf resisting unpicking, before it reached it's now coveted status!

This throw too has resisted the unpicking end! 
And surprise surprise, now I love it.

Contemporarily ~ a cosy throw
a free knitting pattern

My favourite knitting projects have rhythm and flow and pretty details. Interesting, but not too taxing. 

The lace pattern used in this Contemporarily design, can be found in the wonderful Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker. It's worked over 8 rows with a mixture of yo's, ssk's and k2tog's that form the pretty pattern.  

When I was not such a discerning yarn purchaser I frequently bought just one or 2 skeins in colours I loved, then didn't know what to do with. 

This throw was a way to address these skeins and is a great pattern for using up whatever you have by doubling or tripling up lighter weights. 

For each 16 row section, I used approx 55g yarn held to the equivalent of bulky weight. 
(I used one skein of Bulky, quite a few of Worsted / Aran (held double) and one of Sport Weight (held triple.

I initially worried the sections might turn out uneven with the variation of yarns, but the finished item is lovely. 

So here I offer you the pattern to make your own super cosy throw. 

Happy Knitting:)

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