Monday, 29 February 2016

Flossie . . the little dancer

Flossie Loves to dance and to be funny and silly! 
She comes totally alive and loses herself in the movement as she swishes in her tutu.

You wouldn't always know it if you meet her away from dancing and twirling. 
She can also be so very shy and pensive. 

She's pulled between the longing to perform . . to sparkle and shine and to lose herself in joyful movement . . and another deep inclination for quiet thoughtful stillness. To be in the space beyond words.

Sometimes she needs gentle reassurance that it's quite okay to be both things!

Flossie is around 42cm tall (16.5"). I have sculpted her head and face with needle felted wool and she is the first doll I have made in this way that I am offering for sale


She has peach skin, brown eyes, dark brown hair and a light sprinkle of freckles.
She wears a pink Nomesh hat in a blend of Rowan Kidsilk and Alpaca.
Her Snuggletti boots and cardi are made from the most beautiful angora/ merino yarn.
She also wears a fabulous tutu made with a lovely soft spotted Tulle and a white vest top.

If you would like to offer Flossie a place to dance and and be her own sweet self, she will be available to find her home on Tuesday the 1st March 2016 through Dollectable.  

is a monthly event in which an international group of independent dollmakers come together and list available work as part of a collective listing. This  happens on the 1st of each month and for March 2016 will happens at 7PM EST (12midnight UK time).

Here is Flossie's listing. 

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