Friday, 7 March 2014

Aurelia's comment style listing :)

Aurelia is a OOAK Luletti handmade doll. She is a slim girl, standing around 16 inches tall. She has pale skin, blue eyes, and rosy red cheeks.

(Aurelia is the first doll made with my new pattern for smaller dolls. There are a few things I will tweak with proportions with this size doll in the future as it turned out that she wanted to be a little taller than planned)

Her hair is very soft white blonde mohair crocheted into a cap. This hair needs to be handled very gently and with care. The curls are inclined to felt together but you can gently separate and style each one by hand. I do not recommend brushing this hair. 

Aurelia wears a pink spot tunic dress, Pink and green stripe leggings,  a grey seed stitch hand knit scarf, and a pair of green hand knit socks. And of course no self respecting doll can set sail for a new home without a pair of underpants :)

Aurelia has ears, elbow and knee dimples, a belly button and a sculpted posterior. She can sit easily and unaided. 

Luletti dolls are made with a lot of love, many careful stitches and attention to detail. I use Swiss Tricot and lovely clean organic sheep wool and my own self drafted pattern. Features are hand embroidered and I use wool yarns and cotton prints for clothing. I also mostly design my own knitting and sewing patterns for the clothes. 


Payment by Paypal is due in full within 2 hours of the listing ending. 

Luletti dolls are collectables and are not intended for children due to long fibres and small parts on the clothing.

I will only ship to the address given on the Paypal account that payment has been made by.

I only ship dolls to countries where it is possible to use an insured delivery service. This is available in the UK, the EU, Switzerland, Norway, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If you live anywhere else please check with me before purchasing otherwise your order will be cancelled.

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Her price is £270 (GBP) + shipping which is £28 (less within europe and the UK)
The winner will receive email notification on Monday the 10th March and an invoice and will have 2 hours in which to make payment in full. (of course I will take into account time zones :) 

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